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MedTech Trailblazers

Jun 2, 2021

The field of MedTech uses the latest technology to address medical challenges and find new ways to transform patient care. The industry is filled with groundbreaking experts paving the way to a better and healthier future— transforming patient care and saving countless lives. In this exciting new podcast, Andrew Cleeland invites listeners to tune in as he interviews MedTech professionals about their journeys to success and how their innovative contributions are disrupting and transforming the industry. 


Andrew Cleeland welcomes Ginger Graham as the guest in this pilot episode. Ginger Graham is the owner of Ginger & Baker, and Chairman at Clovis Oncology, Inc. She is the former President and CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals and also serves on the boards of directors for Walgreen Co., Walgreens Boots Alliance, and several other biotech companies. She joins Andrew Cleeland to share her story - her successes, her failures, her mistakes, and the challenges she overcame. Additionally, she shares lessons she learned along the way and impactful advice that she applied to her personal and professional life. 


One such lesson is about maximizing your full potential. We all have a gift in life that is uniquely ours, and the onus is on us to use it to our full ability. We have a responsibility to ourselves and everyone who has supported us to be our best selves.



Ginger and Baker

Fogarty Innovation




Ginger began her healthcare career at Eli Lilly, the starting point for many pivotal leaders in our industry. Her career highlights include roles as CEO of Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (ACS); group chairman for the Office of the President at Guidant Corporation as the company launched the world’s leading stent platform; and president and CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company that she took public.


She currently serves on numerous boards, including Walgreens Boots Alliance, Genomic Health and Elcelyx Therapeutics; and she co-chairs the Scientific Council of the University of Colorado Center for Women's Health Research. She has come full circle as a faculty member at Harvard Business School; an accomplished writer, she has written for the Harvard Business Review and serves on the University of Arkansas Chancellor's Board of Advisors. Ginger is the recipient of numerous awards, including being listed in Pharma VOICE’s “100 of the Most Inspiring People,” among many others. True to her philanthropic spirit, in her spare time she coaches first-time CEOs in leadership strategy and organization building.